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Phil Robinson

YumVillage Scribe

Hello villagers, visitors, and friends! My name is Phil Robinson, the Village Scribe of Yum Village.
I hereby welcome you to the YumVillage blog! With this humble space, I'll bring you musings on our events, local eats and chefs to check out, and other happenings in Metro Detroit.
Before I do that I should probably tell you a bit about myself and how I fit into the blossoming Detroit food culture. 

I have deep passion for geek culture (gaming, sci-fi, comics, etc.), poetry, and music. If I'm not working my fingers off over the weekend, you'll probably find me at a local bar downtown having a Guinness and a nice shot of whiskey. As for my relationship with food and Detroit food culture? I've worked in almost every facet of the service industry in the city and I enjoy a well crafted dining experience. Not just the taste of food, but the atmosphere of a venue, the energy of the staff, and creativity of people preparing the meals. How does it all come together? Is the complete package just as good as the fantastic food that is lingering on your mind and on your tongue? That is what I look for when I sit down to enjoy culinary artistry and that is what YumVillage is providing the city of Detroit. 
That said, to the meat and potatoes of things shall we? Today we have an amazing local chef named Travis Waynick. Chef Travis and YumVillage have come together to build an evening of fine foods by way a private pop-up event. I'm not an expert chef but my experience has shown what a dedicated culinary artist looks like and this man is it! Cooking is not just something he does but something he lives. The hard work, the long hours. All of it makes his butter churn. He has been instrumental in crafting fine food for Andiamo's for years and before he moves on to The Rochester Tap Room we've brought him in to do something special for you. I hope you can make it to the event as it's sure to be phenomenal!  
Well that's all for now. I'll see you all soon with some kind (and tasty) words about BBQ...and Rock and Roll.
Until next time: Stay warm, enjoy life, enjoy yourself, and enjoy your meal!
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