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YumVillage Dinner withTravis Waynick

Great food, Great Chefs, Great people

Fresh off a several year tour of duty at the local premier Italian dining staple, Andiamo, Chef Travis Waynick is moving on to his own public house style gastro-pub, The Rochester Tap Room. However, before his next big venture, he'll be joining YumVillagein Downtown Detroit for a private pop-up session that will display a fine selection of his culinary style. "Being a chef, to me, is a lifestyle," said Waynick. "It chose me. I fell in love with the long hours and high stress of the kitchen at an early age. "

This five-course dinner will be our greatest event yet and we're giving you first crack at it as friends of YumVillage.

This also marks a very special occasion for us as filmmaker Cynthia Wade will be covering YumVillage and Chef Waynick for an upcoming documentary, "Generation Startup." Please welcome Cynthia's film crew and we hope you aren't camera shy!
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