• African Raised

    As a Nigerian and African-American, food is a central part of Godwin Ihentuge’s family. Cooking allows Ihentuge to connect with his roots and has been a constant throughout his life.


    “I really want to see a proper spread of the culture of diaspora,” he says. “I want to eat food that’s indigenous to my culture.”


    In keeping with its founder’s African roots, YumVillage sources 15% of its ingredients from Haiti, the Caribbean, and West Africa.


    Ihentuge took out a loan from his wife’s aunt and his father to purchase a food truck in Florida and later secured a grant through the Detroit Development Fund to open the brick and mortar store at New Center.

    Locally Made

    Ihentuge is a part of Detroit’s story — he grew up here, went to school here, and took part in its incubation.


    “At the end of the day I’m a kid from Detroit, native Detroiter, for the most part, we came here when I was five, ate Gregg’s Pizza with everyone in Livernois. I came up through the Detroit system, WSU, and worked at different restaurants”


    YumVillage is committed to giving back to the city, maintaining active partnerships with World Central Kitchen and Brilliant Detroit, and 85% of the ingredients in YumVillage’s food come from the Detroit area.

    Our Team

    YumVillage is dedicated to our employees, and practices sustainable staffing. We offer comprehensive benefits packages to employees including 401k matching, earned sick leave, paid time off, direct primary care, 20% brand discounts, employee meals, employee rewards, a 20% commission on non – food sales, team outings and tuition reimbursement through YouAccel.

  • Passion

    YumVillage brings the fastest growing models - delivery, retail and quick-casual - under one roof by paying living wages and maintaining affordable options to create social sustainable social impact. #YumVillageMarketPantry : Your Neighborhood #Afro-Caribbean #Marketplace Online.

    Commitment to clean

    Over the past several decades, the use of Styrofoam and other types of plastic to make restaurant containers, dinnerware and utensils have proven to be disastrous for the environment. By using natural ingredients and materials in our dinner wares, we are able to drastically reduce the amount of waste that eventually ends up in our landfills. Made to meet the highest standards possible while still being environmentally friendly we aim to reduce the overall carbon footprint the restaurant industry leaves on the environment. All of our containers are Dishwasher Safe, Microwavable, Recyclable. Receive a discount if you reuse your food containers.