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    YumVillage is a West African and Caribbean food truck company that focuses on churning out menu items that are easy to eat on the go. Our real mission is to create inclusive food systems in Detroit. That means our staff is compensated properly, and our food is sourced sustainably.


    The food is Delicious. We are located at The Villages Biergarten (1428 Van Dyke) every Friday and Saturday from 5pm - 9:30pm.


    Sustainable Detroit

    We achieve our mission through our employer-driven workforce development and business incubation programs (Build Institute CoStarters, ROC-MI Ops to Props) We provide industry-specific training and educational programming to benefit our clients catering and event needs.

    Inclusive Food Systems

    Detroit For All

    We need a system that equitably compensates talent and sustains a diverse workforce while celebrating culinary tradition and innovation. Through employer-driven workforce development and business incubation programs, we envision a prolific Detroit for all.

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    Sustainable Growth through workforce development

    Chef Jeremy worked with YumVillage to grow and develop his brand on the YumVillage Food Truck.

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    Where We Can All Live and Love Local

    Thanks to #SaltBae, hashtag and all, we are finally starting to pay attention to the most ubiquitous cooking ingredient on the planet for the past 8,000 years. Salt does more than improve flavor. It intensifies it. It enhances sweetness and reduces bitterness. It’s a natural preservative that...
    By Dr. Amigo So, I was looking for some bamboo to build my latest, swaggiest, state-of-the-art mega hut and a hastily made Google-search brought me to a joint in Harmonie Park called Bamboo. Apparently, they don't sell bamboo. That's some seriously false advertising. But they do host events,...
    February 26, 2015
    Hello villagers, visitors, and friends! My name is Phil Robinson, the Village Scribe of Yum Village. I hereby welcome you to the YumVillage blog! With this humble space, I'll bring you musings on our events, local eats and chefs to check out, and other happenings in Metro Detroit. Before I do...
    Fresh off a several year tour of duty at the local premier Italian dining staple, Andiamo, Chef Travis Waynick is moving on to his own public house style gastro-pub, The Rochester Tap Room. However, before his next big venture, he'll be joining YumVillagein Downtown Detroit for a private pop-up...
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